From small repairs and touch up, to complete restorations and reupholstery, Alef Furniture Restoration is equipped and ready to handle any project.

We service Nassau County, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, Monsey, Monroe and Eastern New Jersey. 

A bit about alef

At Alef Furniture Restoration, we offer professional and quality furniture repair and upholstery at competitive prices. Established in 1998, Alef began as an "in home" warranty repair service to the retail trade. Today, Alef Furniture Restoration provides authorized warranty service to over two dozen furniture retailers as well as several well-known upholstery and furniture manufacturers. 

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All our work is guaranteed against defects in workmanship 

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Specializing in "in home" repairs has allowed Alef to demonstrate its technical and professional skills right in front of the customer in their own home. This in turn has led to hundreds of customers seeking private repair and upholstery work from us. Of course, not all projects can be done in the customer’s home. When necessary, projects requiring "in shop" repairs are brought to our facility located at 259 Burnside Avenue, Lawrence, NY 11591.